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Fant, Lars and Annette Grindsted. 1995. Conflict and consensus in Spanish vs. Scandinavian negotiation interaction. Hermes 15 : 111–142.


The question to be raised in this paper concerns conflict management in price negotiations. Since the researchers’ focus is the dynamic, interactive aspect of the discourse process, they wish to underline that the negotiating parties have opposed and mutual interests. The authors will try to answer the question as to how two parties move from disagreement to agreement, comparing the interplay between dominating components of strategic behaviour in Spanish vs. Scandinavian price negotiations. The researchers’ approach is basically discourse analytical since it is presupposed that the strategic behaviour displayed in conflict management is constructed in and through conversation. The authors also assume that if analyses reveal that in conflict management it is the same cluster of strategic components that reoccurs, the reason must be that in their strategic choices the negotiators are greatly influenced by the cultural value systems.
Source : L. Jans