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Kohlmayer, Rainer. 1996. Oscar Wilde in Deutschland und Österreich: Untersuchungen zur Rezeption der Komödien und zur Theorie der Bühnenübersetzung [Oscar Wilde in Germany and Austria: investigating the reception of comedy plays and the theory of theatre translation] (Theatron: Studien zur Geschichte und Theorie der Dramatischen Künste 20). Tübingen: Max Niemeyer. xii + 452 pp.
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This book is based on 90 translations or adaptations and 200 stage productions. The research mainly deals with the plays' initial lack of success, Andre Gide's and Carl Hagemann 's enormous influence on the reception of the plays, the theatre success of Adel Sandrock in the 1920's and 1930's and Wilde's national socialist ideologization. This work shows how important the translator's role was for the reception of these plays.
Source : Sourcel A. Matthyssen

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