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Lombardo Vallauri, Edoardo. 1996. La sintassi dell'informazione: uno studio sulle frasi complesse tra latino e italiano [The syntax of information: a study of complex phrases between Latin and Italian] (Biblioteca di Cultura 517). Rome: Bulzoni. 235 pp.
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The book starts with an operating redefinition of the distribution of information. The theoretical points of departure are above all the works of P.F. Strawson and C. Kiparsky, for the presupposition and the theme and rheme. The examination of the text of Tito Livio and the Cronica of Dino Compagni allows to characterize clean tendencies and sometimes regular correlations that tie such categories to precise syntactic constructions. The comparison between Italian and Latin evidences on the level of complex phrases a greater resemblance than the resemblance that the two languages present with regard to the functional perspectives of simple phrases.
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