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Linn, Stella. 1998. Dichterlijkheid of letterlijkheid? Prioriteiten in de Spaanse vertalingen van Nederlandstalige poëzie [Literary or literal? Priorities in Spanish translation of Dutch poetry]. Amsterdam: Thesis Publishers. 288 pp.
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Which strategy did the translator use when he translated poetry? What were his priorities? Which elements from the source poem were preserved in the target language? Which poetic aspects had to be abandoned? In this book, a model is presented to describe poetry. The priority model is applied to a corpus of Dutch poems (by Lucebert and J.C.Bloem) in Spanish translation. First, the translation strategies in a number of poems are uncovered. Second, a number of intriguing issues are discussed: why did the translator use certain priorities? Did the translator employ personal preferences or interpretations, and does he do what he claims to do? In the appendix, an overview is given of all Dutch literature published in Spanish since 1945.
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