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Seaborg, Glen T. 1994. Terminology of the transuranium elements. Terminology 1 (2) : 229–252.
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Beginning in 1940, the Periodic Table of the Elements has been expanded by nearly 20 % through the synthesis and identification of the seventeen elements beyond uranium (atomic number 92). Since the discoverers have the duty and right to propose names, this has been done for each of these elements. These proposed names have been endorsed by IUPAC for the first eleven of these elements (atomic numbers 92-103, inclusive), and thus these can be considered to be the official names for these eleven elements. Official names for the next six elements (104-109) await sanction by IUPAC. Of these six elements, the name for element 104 remains under dispute, the name for element 105 seems to be generally acceptable, and the privilege of naming elements 106-109 has been assigned to designated teams of investigators on the basis of an investigation by an adjudicatory body, viz. the Transfermium Working Group appointed by IUPAP and IUPAC.
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