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Pennington, Jean A. T., Elizabeth C. Smith, Michele R. Chatfield and Thomas C. Hendricks. 1994. LANGUAL: a food-description language. Terminology 1 (2) : 277–289.
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LANGUAL, a computer-based food-description language, uses standardized vocabulary to describe specific characteristics of foods and food products. Each food product in a database is described by a set of descriptors from the following factors: product type; food source: part of plant or animal, physical state, shape, or form; extent of heat treatment; cooking method; treatment applied; preservation method, packing medium; container or wrapping, food contact surface, consumer group/dietary use/label claim; geographic places and regions, and adjunct characteristics. The purpose of LANGUAL is to allow descriptive terms for these factors. The major advantages of LANGUAL are the speed and specificity of the retrievals and the flexibility of the system relative to change and updating.
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