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Kornakov, Peter K. 2002. The place of grammar (syntax and verbal government) within a self-training interpreting course-pilot manual The Grammar of Interpretation. In Maia, Belinda, Johann Haller and Margherita Ulrych, eds. Training the language services provider for the new millennium. Porto: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto. pp. 273–282.
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This paper presents one unit from a pilot Manual for an interpreter's self-training course, based on specific grammar exercises aimed at improving interpreting skills. In this paper the Model Unit is presented and its applicability for training interpreters in other languages is discussed. The Model Unit contains: a small but condensed introductory to the topic texts with the relevant vocabulary organised as synonymical and antonymical chains and rows; ·"mutilated" texts for clozing exercises aimed at developing forecasting skills; ·specially re-designed texts for the so called "frozen" interpretation, especially useful for conference interpreting training; ·small blocks aimed at syntactical training, taking into account the length of the unit of meaning and its "borders"; ·small texts for reformulating aimed at syntactical training; ·larger texts aimed at prepositions and conjunctions and· the verbal government training and drills on the syntagmatic level.
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