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Kaplan, Ismail. 2003. Küreselleşmenin bakışımsız güc ilişlkileri bağlamında çeviri kuramlarına yeniden bakış [Revisiting translation theories within the context of the asymmetrical relations of power under globalization Relations of Power Under Globalization]. In Gülen, Barbara Blackwell, Ismail Boztas and Christoph Veldhues, eds. Translation Studies in the new millennium. Special issue of Translation Studies in the New Millennium. An International Journal of Translation and Interpreting 1: 267–273.


The purpose of this paper is to re-evaluate Gideon Toury’s theory toward descriptive translation studies and Hans J. Vermeer’s skopos theory within the context of the asymmetrical relations of power under globalization. By the concept of asymmetrical relations of power, the author means that at present there prevails an uneven and unequal relationship between peoples, nations, classes, and hence, between cultures, language communities and languages in the world. Translation is performed amid unequal relations of power. This inequality is fundamentally the legacy of colonialism and imperialism. Although colonialism and imperialism were greatly weakened due to the resistance of the oppressed peoples, nations and classes in the latter half of the twentieth century, colonial and imperialistic practices have surfaced once again especially after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the establishment of a virtual unipolar international system.
Source : B. Blackwell-Gulen