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Ulrych, Margherita. 1999. Bridging the gap between Descriptive and Applied Translation Studies: a multidisciplinary approach. Linguistica Antverpiensia 33 : 13–29.


This paper focuses on the multidisciplinary approach of translation. Today translation can to all extents and purposes be considered an autonomous discipline which has shaped its specificity and built up its own scientific domain, drawing on elements from neighboring disciplines. Linguistics is the most obvious example, as are, from different perspectives, comparative literature, philosophy, cultural studies, anthropology, psychology, communication studies and media studies. Therefore, a multidisciplinary approach within translation studies is advisable. As a result, the author treats the question of the multidisciplinarity, the synergy within Translation Studies, the contribution of descriptive translation studies to the discipline, and the integration of descriptive translation studies into applied translation studies.
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