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Ulsever, Seyda R. 2003. Metindilbilim ve bicembilgisi acisindan cevir elestirisi: bir uygulama [Translation criticism from the viewpoint of textlinguistics and stylistics: a preliminary study]. In Gülen, Barbara Blackwell, Ismail Boztas and Christoph Veldhues, eds. Translation Studies in the new millennium. Special issue of Translation Studies in the New Millennium. An International Journal of Translation and Interpreting 1: 383–393.
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Translation of ST pragmatic and semantic units as well as ST (source text) syntactic units is considered very important for the adequacy and acceptability of TT(target text). Translating is, therefore, a process of creating a new text. Consequently, text formation processes, the notion of text types, text conventions and parallel texts become important criteria of objectivity in the area of translation criticism. In every language, different texts are created with different communicative purposes. Text types which can be found in one language may not be found in another. However, the texts having the same function but different text styles can be considered as parallel texts since they have the same communicative purpose. This study aims to evaluate the translated version of a short story entitled Son Kuş, by the Turkish author BekirYıldız , through the above- mentioned ideas and determine the extent of the meaning loss between the two texts considering functional/stylistic equivalence.
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