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Eruz, Sakine F. 2000. Çeviri Amaçlı Metin Çözümlemesi: Çeviri Eğitimine Yeni Başlayan Öğrencilere Uygulanan Bir Ders Modeli [Translation-oriented text analysis course: an applied model for the beginners of translation studies]. Çeviribilim ve Uygulamalari Dergisi 10 : 109–124.
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This article deals with the Translation-Oriented Text Analysis course, which is based upon an applied model developed by the academician herself. The long-term goal of the TOTA course is primarily to raise the students’ consciousness and awareness of the problems associated with translational action, and their cultural sensibility, so that they are able to reach the translational competence. The main point is to help students acquire both functional and cognitive approaches. The article offers both a description and a presentation of the lessons. The course is based on a student-oriented teaching method so as to motivate them throughout their active participation in the class activities and to facilitate their rapid internalisation of the two approaches mentioned above.
Source : Based on S. Eruz