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Eruz, Sakine F. 2000. Çeviride ve Çeviri Eğitiminde Koşut Metinler [Parallel Texts in Translation and Translator Training] (Rektörlük Yayin 4248). AB Ofset. viii+254 pp.
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The study, a published dissertation (1999), deals with the aid of paralel texts in translator training on legal issues. In this context it discusses the evolution of legal texts in Turkish and German cultures. Therefore, the first chapter contains the framework of target oriented approaches. The subject of the second chapter includes the text types and their characteristics. In this chapter three characteristics of legal texts are mentioned. These are the groupness, the chain reaction and the startified characteristic of legal texts, which the translator has to look through. After a detailed description and a critical study of parallel texts in the translation literature in the fourth chapter, a definition of parallel text is presented. In the fifth chapter the ways of working with parallel texts are discussed in order to build up a functional selfconscious awareness and translational competence especially designed for professional translators.
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