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López Gaseni, José Manuel. 1999. Euskarara itzulitako haur eta gazte literatura: eraginak, funtzioak eta itzulpen-estrategiak (Tesis Doctorals). Vitoria: Universidad del País Vasco. 350 pp.


The paper offers an analysis of the trends shown by children's literature translated into Basque, with a diachronic three-fold division: 1876-1936,1937-1975 and 1976-1996. The function of these texts seems to be to complete and modernize the target literary polysystem. The influence of these translations on the target original literature is also studied and it is concluded that it has brought about new genres and topics, as well as new literary techniques. In a final instance, the main translation strategies and translation norms are established.
Source : Based on BITRA / J.F. Aixelá