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Lorenzo García, María Lourdes. 1998. A traduccion da metafora inglesa no galego: estudio basado nun corpus de literatura infantil/xuvenil contemporanea [Translating English metaphor into Galician: a study based on a corpus of contemporary chidlren's literature]. Vigo: Universidade de Vigo.
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The dissertation analyses Galician translations of 20th-century British children's literature from a polysystemic perspective. There are three aims: to see whether the translation strategies for metaphor are the same as the current Galician translation norms or if they are specific for each translator; to describe the components of metaphor in Galician and English; to assess the cause and constraints of the translator's 'metaphorphobia' (Samaniego,1996). It was concluded that metaphor translation did meet general norms in Galicia, seeking acceptability and risking very little; English and Galician share metaphors to a great extent, although the existing differences would make it advisable to compile specific dictionaries; we can only talk of 'metaphorphobia' when the translator does not maintain the vehicle of an original metaphor, whereas in the other cases it is just an instance of the usual search of acceptability.
Source : Based on BITRA / J. Franco