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Langlais, Philippe and Guy Lapalme. 2002. Trans type: development-evaluation cycles to boost translator's productivity. Machine Translation 17 (2) : 77–89.
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The authors present TransType: a new approach to Machine-Aided Translation in which the human translator maintains control of the translation process while being helped by real-time completions proposed by a statistical translation engine. The TransType approach is first presented through a series of prototypes that illustrate their underlying translation model and graphical interface. The results of two rounds of in situ evaluation of TransType prototypes are discussed followed by a set of lessons learned from these experiments. It will be shown that this approach is valued by translators but given the short time allotted for the evaluation, translators were not able to quantitatively increase their productivity. TransType is compared with other approaches and new perspectives are elaborated for a new version being developed in the context of a Fifth Framework European Community Project.
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