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Gao, Yuqing, Bowen Zhou, Zijian Diao, Jeffrey Sorensen and Michael Picheny. 2002. MARS: a statistical semantic parsing and generation-based multilingual automatic translation system. Machine Translation 17 (3) : 185–212.
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In this article MARS (Multilingual Automatic tRanslation System) is presented, a research prototype speech-to-speech translation system. MARS is aimed at two-way conversational spoken language translation between English and Mandarin Chinese for limited domains, such as air travel reservations. In MARS, machine translation is embedded within a complex speech processing task, and the translation performance is highly effected by the performance of other components, such as the recognizer and semantic parser, etc. All components in the proposed system are statistically trained using an appropriate training corpus. The speech signal is first recognized by an automatic speech recognizer (ASR). Next, the ASR-transcribed text is analyzed by a semantic parser, which uses a statistical decision-tree model that does not require hand-crafted grammars or rules. Furthermore, the parser provides semantic information that helps further re-scoring of the speech recognition hypotheses. The semantic content extracted by the parser is formatted into a language-independent tree structure, which is used for an interlingua based translation. A Maximum Entropy based sentence-level natural language generation (NLG) approach is used to generate sentences in the target language from the semantic tree representations. In a final instance, the generated target sentence is synthesized into speech by a speech synthesizer.
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