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Probst, Katharina, Lori Levin, Erik Peterson, Alon Lavie and Jaime Carbonell. 2002. MT for minority languages using elicitation-based learning of syntactic transfer rules. Machine Translation 17 (4) : 245–270.
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The AVENUE project contains a run-time machine translation program that is surrounded by pre- and post-run-time modules. The post-run-time module selects among translation alternatives. The pre-run-time modules are concerned with elicitation of data and automatic learning of transfer rules in order to facilitate the development of machine translation between a language with extensive resources for natural language processing and a language with few resources for natural language processing. This paper describes the run-time transfer-based machine translation system as well as two of the pre-run-time modules: elicitation of data from the minority language and automated learning of transfer rules from the elicited data.
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