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Milton, John. 2004. The gure of the factory translator: university and professional domains in the translation profession. In Hansen, Gyde, Kirsten Malmkjær and Daniel Gile, eds. Claims, changes and challenges in Translation Studies (Benjamins Translation Library 50). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. pp. 169–179.
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The aim of this paper, based on two surveys carried out in Brazil in 1999 and 2001, is to examine the relationship between translators and academia in Brazil. It shows that Translation Studies as an academic area exists as an almost separate domain from that of professional translation in Brazil, and that there is minimal contact between these areas. University translation courses have traditionally been based on Letras courses and many have little contact with the profession. Indeed, many professional translators, especially men, come into the translation profession through other disciplines, such as engineering, law and computer technology. Although the results of the surveys examine the Brazilian situation, the author believes that they bear some relation to the situation which exists between professional translators and academia in other countries.
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