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Starrs, Bruno. 2003. Yours faithfully: Die Leiden des jungen Werthers for the English-language stage. In Côté, Sébastien and Claudine Hubert, eds. Traduction: médiation, manipulation, pouvoir [Translation: mediation, manipulation, power]. URL
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Although numerous different English translations of Goethe’s 1774 ‘nobility in suicide’-themed, epistolary, psychological and therefore “untheatrical” novel Die Leiden des jungen Werthers have been published, no English-language stage adaptation has ever been described as “faithful”. With reference to Goethe’s three-tiered model of translation and cinema theorist Geoffrey Wagner’s “Three modes of adaptation”, the author has attempted to write a prosaic, transpositional and unaugmented translation/adaptation for the English-language stage. Each of the obstacles to faithful translation/adaptation were addressed, the hypothesis being that if the obstacles were systematically overcome, then an English-language stageplay closely corresponding in meaning to the principal themes of the novel —that is, a work arguably faithful to the novel— could be created.
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