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Popowich, Fred, Paul McFetridge, Davide Turcato and Janine Toole. 2000. Machine Translation of closed captions. Machine Translation 15 (4) : 311–341.
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Traditional Machine Translation (MT) systems are designed to translate documents. This paper describes an MT system that translates the closed captions that accompany most North American television broadcasts. This domain has two identifying characteristics. First, the captions themselves have properties quite different from the type of textual input that many MT systems have been designed for. This is due to the fact that captions generally represent speech and hence contain many of the phenomena that characterize spoken language. Second, the operational characteristics of the closed-caption domain are also quite distinctive. Unlike most other translation domains, the translated captions are only one of several sources of information that are available to the user. In addition, the user has limited time to comprehend the translation since captions only appear on the screen for a few seconds. In this paper, the authors look at some of the theoretical and implementation challenges that these characteristics pose for MT.
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