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Melchor, Vicent de. 2000. Una traducció en català valencià dels evangelis, a Oxford, del segle XVIII [A translation of the gospels into Valencian Catalan done in 18th-century Oxford]. Quaderns 5 : 55–68. URL


It has often been assumed that there was no translation of the Gospels into the Catalan language between that of the Bible, by Bonifaci Ferrer (1478) and that of the New Testament, by Josep Melcior Prat (1832). However, this gap can be filled by the manuscript, unpublished translation in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. The paper reveals that the translator neither used the texts in Greek nor the Latin Vulgata as a basis but the Protestant translation in Spanish by Reina and Valera, and that his translation was not in the Minorcan Catalan but in the Valencian Catalan. The paper also tries to identify the author of the version, most probably Louis (Lluís) de las Torres, a former Roman Catholic priest converted to the Church of England, who would have translated it in Windsor ca. 1735.
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