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Lorant, André. 2000. Hoffmann en France: Loève-Veimars, traducteur du Der Sandmann [Hoffmann en France: Loève-Veimars, translator of Der Sandmann]. In D'hulst, Lieven and John Milton, eds. Reconstructing cultural memory: translation, scripts, literacy (Textxet. Studies in Comparative Literature 31). Amsterdam: Rodopi. pp. 15–26.
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The work Der Sandmann appeared in the second band of Nachtstücke, in 1816. Its French translation, by Loève-Veimars, was published in the eight band of the Complete Works by Hoffmann, in 1830. This paper aims to shed some light on translation theory and the theory of reception, particularly with respect to the reception in France of works of the Berliner.
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