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Nobs Federer, Marie-Louise. 1995. Reflexiones sobre la problemática específica de la traducción de textos procedentes del campo del turismo [Reflections on the specific problems of translating texts within the field of tourism]. In Iniesta Mena, Eva, ed. Perspectivas hispanas y rusas sobre la traducción [Spanish and Russian perspectives on translation]. Granada: Método Ediciones. pp. 239–259.
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The article defines touristic texts and examines their characteristics with a view to their translation. It concludes that the main problems posed by this texttype are: their double orientation, the differences as regards the vocative function between the source and target texts; genre conventions in both languages/cultures; and the different socio-cultural background of both readerships. It finally provides some clues as to the ways these problems can be solved.
Source : BITRA/ J.F. Aixelá