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Yazici, Mine. 2004. Çeviri etkinliği: disiplinler arasından çeviriye bakış [Translational activity: interdisciplinary outlook on translation]. Istanbul: Multilingual. 254 pp.
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This study deals with the perpetual relationship and interaction between translational activities and the libraries to disclose the role of translations in the dissemination of knowledge. The first chapter deals with the conceptual and historical development of both disciplines. Next, the study focuses on the exploration of historical contribution of translations to the scientific tradition of target culture, especially from Ottoman times to the foundation of the Turkish Republic. In consideration for the constructive interaction and mutual relationship in the past, the last part has launched an interdisciplinary descriptive study on the corpus of translated texts in the field of library science. In the second part of the last chapter, a “Bibliometric Citation Analysis” also helps to verify all the data concerning standards identified in the analysis of translations. It also aims to set an example for other specific fields of study to develop a translational policy.
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