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Mesa, Anne-Marie. 2000. The cultural interpreter: an appreciated professional. Results of a study on interpreting services: client, health care work and interpreter points of view. In Roberts, Roda P., Silvana E. Carr, Diana Abraham and Aideen Dufour, eds. The critical link 2: interpreters in the community (Benjamins Translation Library 31). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. pp. 67–79.
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After four years in operation, the inter-regional Interpreters Bank was the object of a study in which close to 500 Montreal users (clients, health care workers and interpreters) expressed their opinion on the bank’s services. This study made it possible to confirm that interpreters meet the expectations of clients and health care workers. It also served to measure the degree of client and health care workers satisfaction with the bank’s services and their confidence in professional interpreters versus other types of interpreters. With regard to ways of working together, findings showed that the opinions of interpreters and health care workers converge. The study also brought to light their perceptions of one another and led to the publishing of a reference sheet on how to work more efficiently with an interpreter. The complete results of the study summarized here are featured in a report entitled L’interprète culturel: un professionnel appécié.
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