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Zaro Vera, Juan Jesús. 2003. La ortotipografía como problema de traducción: el caso de Barbara Pym [Orthotypography as a translation problem: the case of Barbara Pym]. Quaderns 9 : 107–119. URL
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One of the most striking features of Barbara Pym's novels is the use of inverted commas. This feature has a specific purpose: to draw our attention to the way characters use certain words or phrases showing their particular view of the world, as well as their social origin and cultural background. We examine the translation problems derived from this technique along with the solutions offered by Víctor Pozanco, translator of Pym's second and latest novel published in Spanish, Murió la dulce paloma (The Sweet Dove Died). Other features of the TI, namely the use of italics and the occasional use of an extremely colloquial language, are also discussed in the light of the special and unusual style of Barbara Pym's novels.
Source : P. Orero Clavero