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Pizarro-Sánchez, Isabel. 2003. El registro económico de la lengua inglesa: estudio comparativo de los marcadores de relación inicial. [English economic register: a comparative study of the initial relation markers] In Puerta López-Cózar, José Luis and Assumpta Mauri Más. Manual para la redacción, traducción y publicación de textos médicos [A handbook for the writing, translation and publishing of medical texts]. Paris: Masson.
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The relationship between writers and potential readers is established by means of ‘first relation markers’ or, in other words, headings and sub-headings. The translation of those discourse markers will state the relation to be established between translated texts and their audience. Besides, all genres, independently of which register they belong to, use discourse markers. The author followed Nord’s functional model (1995) to analyse and compare the translation of press headlines.
Source : Based on P. Orero Clavero