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Padilla Benítez, Presentación and Maria Teresa Bajo. 1998. Hacia un modelo de memoria y atención en interpretación simultánea [Towards a model of memory and attention in simultaneous interpreting]. Quaderns 2 : 107–117. URL


This is an attempt to set up a solid basis for a future cognitive model of the interpreting process. In this case of the simultaneous technique. This work is accomplished under the perspective of Cognitive Psychology, referring particularly to the processes of memory and attention. As an interdisciplinary task, results of empirical research carried out by cognitive psychologists during the last years are considered. This potential model should be doubly useful. On the one hand to the training of future interpreters in order to, both establish ways of improving their resources of memory and attention and learn how to use them more efficiently. On the other hand, to the practitioners' work as they could brush up their skills and abilities to improve the quality of the product in the different communicative situations they have to deal with.
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