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Marco, Josep Manuel. 2002. Teaching drama translation. Perspectives 10 (1) : 55–68.
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Article in jnl/bk
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The literature on drama translation has grown significantly over the last decade. Nevertheless, didactic applications have lagged behind theory. This article aims at determining, in the first place, what is specific to drama translation as opposed to, for instance, the translation of literary prose. It then offers suggestions on how to deal with drama translation within the framework of literary translation courses. Following Hurtado (1999), the pedagogics proposed in this article is aim-oriented and task-based. It is argued that decisions concerning drama translation depend on two variables, namely (a) the issue of performability and (b) the degree of cultural adaptation. The tasks suggested for translator training practice seek to raise students’ awareness of these two variables and to equip them with tools to solve the problems posed.
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