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Rübberdt, Irene and Heidemarie Salevsky. 1997. New ideas from historical concepts: Schleiermacher and modern translation theory. In Snell-Hornby, Mary, Zuzana Jettmarová and Klaus Kaindl, eds. Translation as intercultural communication (Benjamins Translation Library 20). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. pp. 301–312.


This article consists of two main parts. The first part of the contribution, by Salevsky, aims to present some of the key ideas of Schleiermacher’s 'Hermeneutics' and 'Criticism' and to establish its relevance for translation criticism. The second part, by Rübbert, is dedicated to illustrating the aforementioned hypotheses, in which a biblical text (Gen 16 and 21:8-21) serves as an example.
Source : J. Vluijmans