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Díaz Cintas, Jorge. 2003. Teoría y práctica de la subtitulación: inglés-español [Theory of practice of subtitling: English-Spanish] (Ariel Cine). Barcelona: Ariel. 412 pp.
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Includes a DVD.


Much care and planning has taken place in the design and writing of this multimedia project (book and accompanying DVD) and the results are excellent. It provides first rate advice, practice, guidelines and research proposals for audiovisual translation in general and subtitling in particular in the language combination Spanish-English. It is a unique project in its field, both at national and international levels. For the first time in the study and analysis of subtitling, or any other audiovisual translation mode, the printed material meets the digital world, in order to marry the three typical and fundamental dimensions of audiovisual translation: image, sound and written word. This pioneering initiative contains a DVD with material such as digitised film and documentary scenes, dialogue lists and, most crucially, a subtitling programme, subtitlul@m, which allows the reader to carry out all tasks involved in subtitling. The book combines professional practice and academic reflection. Divided into five parts, it offers a global vision that transcends the purely linguistic dimension, to go deep into the study of all socio-cultural, professional, didactic and research aspects that define subtitling.
Source : Based on P. Orero Clavero

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