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Saraiva Mendes, Maria Regina. 2003. Português básico para tradutores [Basic Portuguese for translators]. Barcelona: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. 147 pp.
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This book is different from anything published before in Spain because of Portuguese not being a mainstream language in Translation Training - at least in Spain, where German, French and English are the majority languages. Also because it has taken into consideration the linguistic proximity between Portuguese and both Catalan and Spanish - all being Romance languages. It is also different because the Portuguese variant is that of Brazilian Portuguese, against the Iberian - geographically closer to Spain - variant of Portuguese. And finally, the manual has been designed for beginning university students who are training to be translators, hence the many features of teaching languages for translation have been taken into consideration. It comprises many exercises, a comprehensive bibliography and internet links.
Source : BITRA/ P.Orero Clavero