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Ramón Díaz, Carmen. 2000. La literatura infantil francesa: tendencias actuales y problemas de traducción [French children's literature: translation problems and contemporary tendencies]. In Kenfel, Veljka Ruzicka, Celia Vázquez García and María Lourdes Lorenzo García, eds. Literatura infantil y juvenil: tendencias actuales en investigación [Children's and juvenile literature: current research trends] (Congresos 28). Vigo: Universidade de Vigo. pp. 221–230.
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This article points out three features which characterise contemporary French Children's Literature: a respect for the tradition, a taste for subversiveness and breaking with myths, and finally the creation of new languages and patterns as an inspiration source for the latest works. The translator hence has to recreate all these complex tendencies, of which the creation of new language is considered by the author as the most challenging.
Source : BITRA/ P. Orero Clavero