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Recio, Roxana. 2003. Petrarca traductor: los cambios de traducción peninsulares en el siglo XV a través de la historia de Válter y Griselda [Petrarch as translator: changes in translation in the Iberian Peninsula during the 15th century through the history of Válter and Griselda]. In Martínez Romero, Tomás and Roxana Recio, eds. Essays on medieval translation in the Iberian peninsula (Estudis sobre la Traducció 9). Castelló de la Plana: Universitat Jaume I. pp. 291–308.
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This article studies how Válter and Griselda's story was transmitted to the Iberian Peninsula and takes as point of reference Petrarch's own ideas on translation. It establishes some differences between Aragón and Castile with respect to the translating act and the role of translators, as well as to the concept of 'literary translation.
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