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Pöchhacker, Franz. 1993. On the science of interpretation. The Interpreters' Newsletter 5 : 52–59.


It seems appropriate or even necessary that interpretation researchers also pause to reflect on the wider (inter)disciplinary, theoretical and methodological framework(s) in which research on conference interpretation is carried out. In this paper, the author aims to raise and discuss some issues of theory and methodology, moving from the general fundamental question of the name and nature of interpretation studies to particular problems of methodology in some of the studies produced at Trieste and ending with the seemingly trivial issue of measuring speed in corpus-based research on interpretation. The latter is discussed with some of the author’s own research on SI while the discussion of the more general, theoretical issues also draws on impressions from interpretation studies as (re)presented at the Vienna Translation Studies Congress, September 9 through 12, 1992.
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