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Rychtyckyj, Nestor. 2002. An assessment of machine translation for vehicle assembly process planning at Ford motor company. In Richardson, Stephen D., ed. Machine Translation: from research to real users (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2499). Cham: Springer. pp. 207–215.
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For over ten years, Ford Vehicle Operations has utilized an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to assist in the creation and maintenance of process build instructions for the vehicle assembly plants. This system, known as the Direct Labor Management System, utilizes a restricted subset of English called Standard Language as a tool for the writing of process build instructions for the North American plants. The expansion of DLMS beyond North America as part of the Global Study Process Allocation System (GSPAS) required the company to develop a method to translate these build instructions from English to other languages. This Machine Translation process, developed in conjunction with SYSTRAN, has allowed the company to develop a system to automatically translate vehicle assembly build instructions for our plants in Europe and South America.
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