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Samaniego Fernández, Eva. 1996. La intraducibilidad en la novela Británica contemporánea: análisis de la obra de D. Lodge, H. Kureishi, S. Townsend y G. Swift [The untranslatability of the British contemporary novel: an analysis of the works of D. Lodge, H. Kureishi, S. Townsend and G. Swift]. In Abad, Pilar, José María Barrio and José María Ruiz, eds. Estudios de literatura en lengua Inglesa del siglo XX (3) [Studies of English literature in the 20th century (3)]. Valladolid: Universidad de Valladolid. pp. 285–297.


In this article the concept of the much discussed 'untranslatability' of certain cultural and/or linguistic elements is questioned. After studying a restricted literary corpus of what traditional translation theorists would term 'untranslatable items', such as puns, metaphors, cultural references, etc., the results are quite straight: the existence of untranslatability lacks real grounding, and Toury seems to be right when he advances that omissions account for a considerable share of adequate translation solutions.
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