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Pearl, Stephen. 1999. The other three eighths & the four 'F's, finiteness, fallibility, freedom of speech and fair competition in the simultaneous interpretation environment. The Interpreters' Newsletter 9 : 3–28.


This article aims to explain some limitations facing the interpreter. The author does this in terms of ‘fair’ and ‘unfair’ competition with which one is familiar in a commercial context. Here the concept is introduced purely as a useful metaphor for the relationship between speaker and interpreter and in no way implies that the goal of one is to ‘defeat’ the other. This article lists a non-exhaustive list of conditions that should be met by speakers for the ‘competition’ to be ‘fair’. The author names, among other items, speaker incoherence, mother tongue of ‘other tongue’ use, verse, written texts, written translations, the subject matter, quotations, asemantic elements, speed, anecdotal material and humour.
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