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Scott-Tennent, Christopher, Maria González Davies and Fernanda Rodríguez Torras. 2001. Experimental training in the application of translation strategies: an empirical study. Quaderns 6 : 22–26. URL


This study was carried out to observe, measure and analyze the effects of a specifically designed prototype training program in the application of translation strategies to solve translation problems. First, existing literature on translation strategies was studied, three types of translation problems were chosen and a theoretically optimal methodology was designed in order to teach strategies to solve those problems. Then, a pilot study was conducted with two groups (experimental and control) of undergraduate translation students. The subjects in the experimental group were trained in the selected strategies, whereas the control group did not receive this specific training. Finally, data analysis and interpretation were carried out, and conclusions were drawn in order to optimize preparation of a second study and decide on the future approach to this particular area of research.
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