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Sevilla Muñoz, Julia and Jesús Cantera Ortiz de Urbina, eds. 2000. 877 refranes españoles con su correspondencia catalana, gallega, vasca, francesa e inglesa [877 Spanish proverbs with their Catalan, Galician, Basque, French and English equivalents]. Madrid: Ediciones internacionales universitarias. 357 pp.
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One of the first selections published in Spain of Spanish proverbs and proverbial phrases, with glosses and with their equivalents in Catalan, Galician, Basque, French and English. The book begins with a study on the translation problems posed by paroemias. Apart from the usefulness of the short explanation of the meaning of each expression, there appear also possible variants, synonyms and opposites. This is why this work is valuable in the world of paroemiology and for the same reasons, it is useful reference material which enables students, teachers, translators and lovers of folklore to know the popular wisdom of six languages. This book has come to fruition thanks to the joint work of five paremiologists who have collected and studied the proverbial treasure.
Source : BITRA / J. Sevilla Muñoz

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