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Pöchhacker, Franz. 1999. Teaching practices in simultaneous interpreting. The Interpreters' Newsletter 9 : 157–176.


The question underlying this paper is: to what extent does the ‘paradigm of good training practice’ (Mackintosh) as articulated at the level of international experts with special regard to the type of input material, translate into corresponding teaching practices in the classroom? In order to narrow down the study to a manageable scope, the author focuses on selected quantifiable issues in the training of simultaneous interpreters. The focus is also on the media and modes of input presentation (live, audio- or videotaped speeches. A sub-topic which is implicit in the present study is the role of the literature on interpreter training in shaping teaching practices. Given the local origin of the author’s research question, he attempts to address it on the basis of empirical data from the institution in question, the Department for Translator and Interpreter Training at the University of Vienna. Data were gathered by questionnaire as described here.
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