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Mead, Peter. 1999. Interpreting: the lexicographers' view. The Interpreters' Newsletter 9 : 199–209.


A case in point is the definition of the words ‘interpreter’ and ‘interpret’ by a number of English language reference books, comparison of which involves an exercise in ‘interpretation’ to identify what is recurrent in the lexicographers’ differing approaches. Only the meanings of ‘interpret’ and ‘interpreter’ relevant to oral reformulation in a different language are considered in this article, the usage of these words to state concepts such as the explanation of dreams or the understanding of art being outside the scope of the discussion. The sources are referred to in the following order: a reference work on language and linguistics; four monolingual English dictionaries; and a computerized corpus of modern written and colloquial British English usage. This first part is followed by an examination of how the equivalent terms are defined in one French, one German and one Italian dictionary. Finally, the etymology of the Romance ‘interpret-‘ is considered.
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