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Quirion, Jean. 2003. Methodology for the design of a standard research protocol for measuring terminology usage. Terminology 9 (1) : 29–49.
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Many states have undertaken language and terminology planning programmes and must evaluate the progress realized up to now. Such an evaluation requires a method to measure the degree to which the terminology has been implanted. This paper presents a research protocol for measuring terminology implantation, based on institutional communications. A critical examination of prior research on the subject is made in order to identify the desired characteristics of a precise, scientific measurement protocol. It is an accepted postulate that the constitution of a representative corpus forms the basis of a solution. Statistical sampling methods have been adapted to design a measurement protocol that respects the above conditions. The paper concludes with an overview of the results of a terminology implantation survey on transportation terminology, carried out using the research protocol. This overview is followed by a brief discussion of the future possibilities of the scientific measurement of terminology implantation.
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