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Merlini, Raffaela and Roberta Favaron. 2003. Community interpreting: re-conciliation through power management. The Interpreters' Newsletter 12 : 205–230.
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This paper investigates current practices in community interpreting in Australia with a view to identifying the role actually played by the interpreter within the overall power dynamics of linguistically mediated triadic interactions. From the vantage point of the Australian context, which can boast a fully-fledged system of public sector interpreting services, the concept of ‘power management’ has been explored on the basis of data collected during interpreted encounters between members of the Italian community and representatives of Australian health care institutions. Assuming that the metaphor of the interpreter as a non-involved conduit is untenable in community interpreting situations, characterized not only by unequal power distribution between the primary parties, byt also by the interpreter’s advantage over both of them by virtue of his/her linguistc and cultural knowledge, this paper answers the question to what extent the interpreter’s verbal and non-verbal choices contribute to a favourable outcome of the encounter in terms of ‘re-conciliation’.
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