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Sueiro Justel, Joaquín. 2002. Fray Andrés López, un teórico de la traducción del siglo XVII en la lingüística española en Filipinas [Fray Andrés López, a 17th-century translation scholar in Spanish linguistics in the Philippines]. In Sánchez Trigo, Elena and Oscar Díaz Fouces, eds. Traducción & comunicación [3] [Translation & communication [3]]. Vigo: Universidade de Vigo. pp. 125–162.
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Fray Andrés López, a Spanish 17th-century missionary in the Philippines, was a linguist and one of the most important academics of Pangasinan, into which he translated many religious works from Spanish. He published a Pangasinan grammar which includes a long text on translation in its 4th chapter. This excerpt is reproduced and commented on in the article.
Source : BITRA/ P. Orero Clavero