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Arranz, Victoria M., Jordi Turmo, Xavier Carreras and Montserrat Arévalo. 2001. WordMed® and Scriptum®: development of terminological resources for the medical practitioner. Terminology 7 (1) : 85–100.
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This paper describes on-going work on the development of two complementary resources: WordMed® and Scriptum®. The former is a lexico-conceptual knowledge base (KB) comprising information from four medical sub-domains (diagnostics, procedures, tumors and medicines). This resource is only accessible for the language and domain expert in charge of supervising the knowledge acquisition and KB-updating processes. The latter resource, Scriptum®, is the user’s tool; it contains a medical KB, transferred from WordMed®, together with a viewer for the user to access the knowledge stored in the KB.
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