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Wirth, Dieter. 1996. Paraphrase und Übersetzung in einem Inhalt-Text-Modell [Paraphrase and translation in one content-text-model] (Linguistische Arbeiten 354). Tübingen: Max Niemeyer. xvi + 380 pp.
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The possibility of paraphrase within a language is a source of expressive flexibility and also provides for vital latitude in the translation process. Part I of the book looks at kinds of dissimilarity between expressions and ways in which this can be overcome. The modification of the underlying "Smysl-Tekst" model (Mel'chuk) concentrates above all on deep syntactic structure and the so-called lexical functions. A broad system of paraphrase is then developed for German and applied to Russian-German translation, establishing a catalogue of motives for obligatory paraphrastic translation in the process. The concluding section is given over to a part-formalized analysis of German translations of a passage from Anna Karenina. The main objective of the study is to provide a foundation for multi-language explanatory-combinatorial dictionaries and for translation phrase-books.
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