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Ugarte Ballester, Xus. 2001. A perro viejo no cuz cuz: criteris de traducció paremiològica en quatre versions de La Celestina [A perro viejo no cuz cuz: criteria for the translation of paroemias in four versions of La Celestina]. Quaderns 6 : 133–145. URL
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The aim of this article is to establish some criteria for paremiological translation, taking as a sample a selection of proverbs from La Celestina. This text has been chosen for two main reasons: on the one hand, its vast amount of proverbs, an important stylistic element; on the other, because it's a work translated into many languages, which facilitates translation research. Therefore, the aim is to extrapolate the translation strategies of some auto XII's proverbs to the whole text of La Celestina or to any contextualized proverb. This article will analyze these proverbs' function, sense and origin. From a translation point of view, Rojas proverbs will be confronted to four versions: Italian (Alfonso Ordóñez, 1506); French (Jacques de Lavardin, 1578); English (James Mabbe, 1603-1611); Catalan (Antoni Bulbena, 1914).
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