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Utsuro, Takehito, Takashi Horiuchi, Yasunobu Chiba and Takeshi Hamamoto. 2002. Semi-automatic compilation of bilingual lexicon entries from PA cross-lingually relevant news articles on WWW news sites. In Richardson, Stephen D., ed. Machine Translation: from research to real users (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2499). Cham: Springer. pp. 165–176.
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For the purpose of overcoming resource scarcity bottleneck in corpus-based translation knowledge acquisition research, this paper takes an approach of semi-automatically acquiring domain specific translation knowledge from the collection of bilingual news articles on WWW news sites. This paper presents results of applying standard co-occurrence frequency based techniques of estimating bilingual term correspondences from parallel corpora to relevant article pairs automatically collected from WWW news sites. The experimental evaluation results are very encouraging and it is shown that many useful bilingual term correspondences can be efficiently discovered with little human intervention from relevant article pairs on WWW news sites.
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