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Vries, Anneke de and Arian J. C. Verheij. 1997. A portion of slippery stones: wordplay in four twentieth-century translations of the Hebrew bible. In Delabastita, Dirk, ed. Traductio: essays on punning and translation. Manchester: St. Jerome & Presses Universitaires de Namur. pp. 67–94.
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This article provides a general introduction to Biblical wordplay before sixteen passages from the Old Testament are presented that contain instances of punning. These passages exemplify several types of wordplay: homonymy or polysemy, paronymy, and naming. The authors describe each occurrence and subsequently discuss the renderings found in four recent translations: the New Revised Standard Version, the French La Bible by André Chouraqui, the German Die Schrift by Martin Buber, and the Dutch Willibrordvertaling. The authors’ findings are checked against several parameters, including the overall orientation of the translation to either source text or target audience, and its editorial policy with respect to annotation.
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